I'm Benjamin.

Frontend engineer, musician, and creative based in Amsterdam.

I have more than 4 years experience working as a frontend engineer, focusing on animation, simplicity, and user interaction.

My ideal working environment consists of a collaborative multidisciplinary team, that share my love of halloumi and coffee (or IPAs).

When I'm not logged in, I'm either exploring the Netherlands by bike, or creating electronica music with my lovely wife, Indy.


I've worked with a range of technologies including Vue, React (and Native), Cordova, Nunjucks, and _underscore.js.

To satisfy clients from all over the globe, prototyping and building successful websites and products. This is a small selection of some of my favourites.

For a full list of past clients, contact me.

Reward Cloud

I worked directly with Reward Cloud's in-house designer and team of back end engineers to build their front facing brochure website. After the successful launch, I then went on to build the front facing side of their client dashboard.

Technologies: HTMl, SCSS, Gulp, jQuery, and Perch CMS.


My Beauty Matches

The My Beauty Matches website has an online quiz which easily helps pick out the products that best suit your needs. The site has a lot of unique elements and pages, making this a practice of atomic development practices.

Technologies: HTMl, SCSS, jQuery, Gulp.


Laines London

The design of this project presented a number of challenges, the primary one being the desired layout of small blocks that expanded to show more information. Thankfully, the mason.js library was able to save the day to enable bringing this unique idea to reality.

Technologies: HTMl, SCSS, mason.js, Javascript.



The Spektrix website allowed experimentation with svgs and animation. As you scroll down the homepage various cogs spin and connections are made, walking you through their product. This was a challenge to get working on a variety of screen sizes and devices while offering a smooth animation.

Technologies: HTMl, SCSS, Grunt, Velocity.js, Snap.svg.



The Love Momiji e-commerce website was probably the largest project I worked on whilst at Built by Buffalo. We had a high number of very separate pages, each with a lot of unique elements. I really love the amount of personality the dolls and color palette bring to this site.

Technologies: HTMl, SCSS, Javascript / jQuery, Grunt.



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The best way to get in touch about new projects is by email; hey@nothingrandom.com