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I'm Benjamin, a lead javascript / frontend engineer at Hiber, based in Amsterdam.

Mostly working with Vue.js, but also pushing the boundaries with the latest spec of ES and TypeScript, the occassional node module, and a bit of a S/CSS geek. Resume.

Elsewhere, I love to cook food, cycle, play fetch with Nova, mix live sound, listen to almost any genre of music (and make noise), contribute to open source, hike in the mountains, and spend time with my wife, Indy.


It's no secret, I love food. When I'm finished from a day writing code, squishing bugs, and project management there's few things more enjoyable than preparing dinner.

I publish my recipes here, on this site, mostly as a record for me that doesn't get covered in tomatoes and oil and also for those who want to try some of my favourites.

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