Hey there!

A picture of Benjamin

I'm Benjamin. And in summary, I'm a Javascript engineer based in Amsterdam, who cooks food, cycles a lot, and loves listening to and creating indie music.

I currently work at the IoT & satellite startup Hiber, building their frontend web applications with a mix of ES6, Vue, lodash, SCSS, and pure magic. I've also been known to use React and Living Styleguides in the past.

Every once in a while I'll either be creating or contributing to an open source project and a little more frequently than that I mix live sound and dream of making it into a real studio.

During my downtime, I enjoy cycling to new locations to take pictures a little more off the beaten track, even when there is a perfectly operational train route. My wife, Indy, and I love to create indie pop music with our assortment of synths and guitars.

I believe food is the heart of every home, and following the legacy of many a British man before me; I have a food and recipe blog. I'm currently looking into ways to start jar-ing some of my food and getting it into cafes - so watch this space.

We moved to Amsterdam together in March 2017 to join a young church, and feel like this big (but small) city matches our personalities. If you're ever in Amsterdam and share my love for coffee, local beers, or obscure indie music, let's chat.